Rare Market World of Vintage

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Rare Market World of Vintage

This project is designed for Rare Market in Seoul. It's for the promotion of a vintage clothing collection as "World of Vintage."

The concept is based on the market wholesale scene where customers shop as if they are at the sale's promotion.

The transparent acrylic boxes hold rare vintage t-shirts to show its identity and the customized metal hanger to display unique t-shirts industrially. 


Client: Rare Market
Designers: Dunsol Ko
Materials: Acrylic, Steel frame, Wire mesh
Address: Rare Market,95-5 Cheongdam-dong,Seoul
Usage: Visual Merchandising Design
Construction: Mirae Metal, Jangsung Acryl
Collaboration: World of Vintage, GD
Completion: 10/19/2017
Photo: Dunsol Ko