Digitize: René Magritte Edition


"Digitize" is a living item created by a collaboration of classical masterpieces and digital enhancement. Each famous masterpiece is digitized according to parametric guides to define a variable scale of digits to picture a whole — the brighter to absence and the darker to fill. The versatile wooden frame encases the acrylic panel with a rubber band to lean or hang on the wall. The products are available in four sizes.

Artist: René Magritte

René Magritte is a Belgian surrealist painter who has been familiar with and routinely places everyday objects in unexpected spaces, distorted the size, reversed the logic, His work, which is a playful and supernatural imagination, induces viewers to deviate from conventional thinking.

Title: Digitize
Designer: Dunsol Ko
Materials: White Oak, Acrylic and Nylon rubber band
Completion: July 2018
Photo: Dunsol Ko

Digitize: The Mysteries of the Horizon by René Magritte  Digit#: 38,929  Size: A4
Digitize: The Son of a Man by René Magritte  Digit#: 24,597  Size: A3
Digitize: The Lovers by René Magritte  Digit#: 34,687  Size: A2
Digitize: Not to Be Reproduced by René Magritte  Digit#: 38,605  Size: A1