“Nestool” allows accommodating various seating heights from a child to an adult, configured in six groupings. The seating heights are individually guided according to the “EN 1729-1 size mark standard” as the ergonomic guide for the recommended chair and table. It becomes counters, display tables, and seating arrangements for all. The theme “Inclusiveness” reflects the unity; regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, and physical difference, “Nestool” welcomes everyone to sit on, yet when it stacked one atop another, it serves as shelves and display stand. Its archetypal form is enhanced with the arched surfaces to maximize usability to reconfigure the arrangements and stability of stools. The dovetail corner joints are milled to half of its thickness at the ends, which the sides then precisely fit into without any metal-ware.

The idea is inspired by Russian Dolls, as known as Matryoshka dolls. It’s the nesting wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. This repetition/nesting idea inspired the project with its practical and space-saving method, which can be adapted to furniture typology to serve as a versatile tool in a compact living environment and universally accessible to everyone as people of diverse sizes and abilities.

Title: Nestool
Designer: Dunsol Ko
Materials: Solid White Oak, Oiled
Completion: Apr 2019
Photo: Arturo